Mark Bittman video on the American Diet

Check out this great video by Mark Bittman, food columnist and author of How to Cook Everything (Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition): 2,000 Simple Recipes for Great Food. Bittman talks about the unsustainability of our current eating habits and how they have lead to global warming and health problems. A few of nuggets from the video:

  • The optimal amount of red meat in the American diet is 1/2 pound per week. On average, we consume seven times that amount.
  • The world consumes over 1 billion Cokes per day. That’s a lot of empty calories.
  • Packaging and processing of “healthy” foods have made them more like junk food. For example, yogurts have become ice cream and granola bars have become candy bars – just read the labels.

I encourage you to watch for yourself.

By the way, Bittman released his latest book, Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating with More Than 75 Recipesin January, 2009. He explores the link between global warming and other environmental challenges, obesity and lifestyle diseases, and the over consumption of meat, simple carbohydrates, and junk food. Food Matters analyzes how the American diet is taking a toll on both human and planetary health, and it offers a viable solution to this dual problem in the form of a diet––and recipes––based on eating more rationally.

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  1. rukebanog2 says:

    Let me just say that I found your site by accident. I am a wnirkog mother of two or shall I say three if you want to include the hubby and cooking a decent dinner is difficult when you don’t want to eat so late. So I decided I would make this dish and see what kind of reactions I would get. (Note: My family loves Asian food) They all loved it! Even my picky four year old couldn’t get enough. This recipe was easy to make and one I will be making more of often!

  2. rukebanog2 says:

    Oh, how folks love to trash McDonalds, and almost every other sseucusfcl company! Nobody is better than McD’s at accurately publishing everything that is contained in their products. If you eliminate the brown sugar from your order, you will have a meal that is VERY reasonable nutritionally! As for the cost, McD’s, at 1.99 in my area is far more reasonable than the totally bland oatmeal served in table service restaurants. At some point, people need to realize, understand, and accept that it is up to the individual to decided what it ingest. Anybody want to compare the health of the oatmeal vs an Egg 1ff8McMuffin or a Big Breakfast?

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