Apollo Alliance Impact on Stimulus Bill

I have previously posted on the importance of the work being done by the Apollo Alliance. The Stimulus package, more formally known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill, that is being debated in Washington this weekend is the single largest spending proposal in American history. While the economic merits and future effects on our economy of increasing the deficit to “stimulate” the economy can be debated by the Keynesians (for) and monetarists (against), the good news is that the bill strongly addresses the nation’s need for alternative energy. Much of what the Apollo Alliance represents is being incorporated in the bill. For a great summary and chart showing the Apollo Alliance proposal compared to the Stimulus bill, see Data Points: Comparing Approved House Stimulus With Apollo Recovery Act. The Apollo Alliance and its supporters should be applauded for their efforts to make this bill into something that will benefit us now AND in the future.

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    This arictle keeps it real, no doubt.

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