Congress Approves Clean Energy Provisions of Stimulus; Consistent With Apollo Economic Recovery Act

In an earlier post, I said I believe the availability of renewable, clean energy is the most important issue facing us at this time. A major component of the Stimulus package passed by congress this weekend was investment in clean energy. Of the $800 billion approved by congress, over $115 billion is allocated to clean energy investments which are consistent with the comprehensive measures proposed in the New Apollo Program. For a good summary of the initiatives included in the Stimulus package for energy related investment see the summary on the Apollo Alliance website.

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  1. rukebanog2 says:

    Actually they are only in power, because peploe don’t vote. They won with only 19% of all registered voters. Only 38% voted in the election. The root of all our current problems is, low voting. The bad guys always vote, they know how to play the system. No Vote, No Benefits. The 40 young, did not get out a vote, and they picked off their social security benefits futures. Suppose the Conservatives are saying, Well 40s peploe, you don’t care, we take ya money suckers Keep us ignoring your future peploe, they will take care of ya,,,,,,,,

  2. rukebanog2 says:

    Wow, this seems insane. A whole ctuomnimy getting totally psyched out by the unorganised game! (I’m not an ABC apologist, it sounded more sarcastic than I meant it).[quote comment=”5645″]this has come down to just an ad campaign for companies to sell cars and crap like that. now i know how the world works and nothing gets done anymore without the corporate ad campaign being attached to everything. we’ve gone through jeep and monster and sprite, but now you’re going to have to do things like register’ potentially at an acura booth, give them marketing data to get a candy bar.[/quote]Yeah, i completely agree with you. But the problem is mainly because of the size of the event, and that it’s tied in with a highly successful television show. This is probably the biggest most mainstream , if that’s the correct word for it alternate reality game to have been played.The size and scope of The Lost Experience makes it completely different from any other ARG played, but the interactivity and control it gives fans/players/consumers is so much larger than any marketing tool. It’s a hybrid of the two, and it sucks that they’re (seemingly) putting more emphasis on the marketability than the actual game.On the chocolate front, there’s not really any good excuse for that level of unorganisation it’s just a mess. Its like nobody bringing a soccer ball to the world cup. I wonder if there’ll be an in-game apology to the fans, or if they’ll issue an official out-of-game one?

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