Organic Pulse T-Shirts

Spread the organic word!

Heavyweight, comfortable and fashionable T-Shirts – all sizes

Available in Royal Blue or Forest Green – $24.44 each

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  1. rukebanog2 says:

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  2. rukebanog2 says:

    I think organic is alawys a good idea if you can afford it. For breakfast you can try yogurt (plain or vanilla) with fresh fruit mixed in. Or whole wheat pancakes, maybe. Scrambled eggs with guacamole seems to be a favorite among kids. For lunch, a grilled cheese sandwich or cheese and wieners (slice a hot-dog in half and place cheese in middle, microwave until melted) cut into manageable pieces. I alawys go with the Hebrew National hot dogs because they seem the most edible. For dinner, try any type of fish. My son likes the tortilla crusted tilapia you find in the seafood frozen section. Broccoli or cauliflower with cheese is a nice side dish. I guess it all depends on what he will eat. they are so picky at that age. Good luck!

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