What’s Your Organic Pulse? The Quiz

    1. Do you buy organically grown produce?
    a. Whenever I can
    b. When the price is reasonable
    c. When it doesn’t look like organic waste
    d. Who makes it?
    3. Paper or plastic?
    a. I carry my own bag made out of environmentally safe, recycled shopping bags.
    b. Paper – Trees are renewable and paper recyclable
    c. Plastic – Save a tree
    d. Who cares?
    4. What’s your opinion of the Hummer?
    a. Turn them into low income housing units
    b. Increase the gas guzzler tax
    c. Too bad the increase in fuel prices makes them so costly to drive
    d. Awesome machine
    5. How often do you eat meat?
    a. Only occasionally and only organically grown
    b. Never, I believe it’s cruel
    c. As often as I can, but in moderate servings
    d. My goal is to beat the “Man vs. Food” steak eating contest
    6. Do you buy organic milk?
    a. That’s all I will allow my family to drink
    b. If the price is less than double the non-organic price
    c. Never, if growth hormones make cows grow, they should make my kids big and strong.
    d. Milk comes from cows. How can it be organic?
    7. Do you drink organic beer and wine?
    a. If and when I drink, it must be organic
    b. If it is available, I will drink it
    c. Why organic – doesn’t the alcohol kill anything that might be harmful?
    d. Will it give me a buzz?
    8. Have you heard of “Round-Up Ready” varieties?
    a. Yes, they are contributing to the decrease in varietal selection and increased use of pesticide
    b. Yes, aren’t they why the green movement dislikes Monsanto?
    c. No
    d. Isn’t that a new Western TV series?
    9. Do you approve of GMOs?
    a. Never – they are contributing to the reduction in the gene pool
    b. No, I don’t think man should manipulate genes
    c. If they can make brussel sprouts that taste like chocolate, I’d try it.
    d. Isn’t that a new street legal muscle car?
    10. Do you buy organically produced clothing?
    a. Of course, I will do whatever I can to save the planet
    b. Only if it is stylish and reasonably priced
    c. Do they make Wranglers?
    d. Are you talking about edible clothes?


Give yourself 3 points for each question you answered with (a.)
Give yourself 2 points for each question you answered with (b.)
Give yourself 1 points for each question you answered with (c.)
Give yourself 0 points for each question you answered with (d.)

25 – 30 Points – Your Organic Pulse is beating strongly. You are concerned and taking care of yourself and your family. You probably are aware of much of what is posted on this site. Your feedback and contribution is welcome.

18 – 24 Points – Your Organic Pulse is beating, but you need some conditioning. You are aware of the health and environmental benefits of the green movement and you participate when it is convenient or inexpensive to do so. Following this site will increase your knowledge and strengthen your Organic Pulse.

11 – 17 Points – You have an Organic Pulse, but it is on life support. Pay more attention to what is going on around you. Reading this site may jumpstart your heart.

10 or less Points – You were probably looking for Orgasmic Pulse. Stick around, you may learn something.

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